Belle New Caledonia Safaris


What is the weather like during the season?

New Caledonia is a tropical island with warm weather, usually between 20-25 degrees during the day with cooler nights and mornings..

What gear do I need to bring? 

  • Warm Clothes for evening
  • Slip on footwear for at camp
  • Camo clothes
  • Hat
  • Rain coat
  • Sleeping bag
  • Insect repelant
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Camera & batteries
  • Binoculars
  • BYO Alcohol 
  • Torch & batteries (head torch good)
  • Water Bottle
  • Hunting boots (waterproof)
  • Personal munchies ie: (lollies/chocolate) in a sealed container
  • USB/Flash Drive Stick for your photos

How do we get around the hunting areas?

By 4-wheel drive or on foot. We accommodate those with physical disabilities also.

Will there be enough trophy stags

More than enough! The owners of the farms are very trophy conscious and proud of of the quality animals they offer. Careful management of each herd ensures the high quality of trophies to continue.I

Who prepares the trophy?

We do. Capes are salted and dried out and skulls are boiled.

How is the trophy transported?

We will supply you with a plastic bag to carry it home or if you are not from NZ then we can organise for us to take it back to NZ to be sent to for you to liason with.

How many guides are there?

The guiding will be done by Cranston personally. Depending on how many hunters are in camp will dictate how many guides are needed.

Is all hunting free range?


Is there any extra costs once I get there?

$60 nzd if you would like to purchase a tray of beer as alcohol is NOT supplied.

It is a PACKAGE DEAL which includes all stated on our safaris page with NO hidden costs.


Running water - Hot Shower - Solar Power (for charging phones,batteries etc)

Is all the food provided?

All home cooked meals by Chaz are provided. Personal munchies ie: (Lollies/chocolate)  BYO in sealed container.  Please let us know any specific food requirements.

Are there laundry facilities?

Hand washing only.

Can I bring my own rifle?

Yes, it is better if you can bring your own rifle because you are familiar with it.
You need to know where your rifle is firing out to 300 meters, though most animals will be taken at 250 meters or less. 
One box of ammunition is usually allowed per rifle. No semi-automatics or military calibre are allowed. Also when you book your flight you MUST give them your firearm details.

Are rifles supplied?

Yes, a Howa 7mm Remington mag (at no extra cost) and practice shots at camp.

When does the season start? 

 Late July 

When does the season end?

Early September

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, a deposit is required to confirm your booking

When must the balance for the safari be paid?

On arrival 

Are flights included in the package price?

No you need to organise this separately. Flights need to arrive SUNDAY mornings or afternoon and Depart the following  SATURDAY morning.

Do you pick us up and drop us off at the airport?

Yes, this is only from Tontouta International airport. You will be picked up on a Sunday morning or afternoon and will be returned the following Saturday. You can pre book a Rental car or Shuttle Bus to your Hotel in Noumea from the airport if you are staying on in New Cal

Is travel insurance included?

No, you need to get your own Travel Insurance. It is a requirement of the New Caledonia government that you have Travel Insurance to get a firearm entry permit. We accept no responsibility for accidents that occur on the safari.

Can I get more than one trophy?

Yes, but this is an added expense and you must have the payment with you

Rusa Trophy?

The average size of rusa stag trophy in New Caledonia each year can vary from  29 - 37 inches

If there is anything we have not covered then please  contact us.